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The Kingdom of Bahrain has a robust trading heritage that spans centuries. Evidence of trade dates to the Dilmun Civilization around 1000 BC. Bahrain remains a spirited hub for commercial activity. The island nation has had its fair share of foreign invasions over time. Yet items such as ancient Persian artifacts and Portuguese-built fortresses remain as evidence of its fascinating history.

In 1932, Bahrain experienced a sudden economic boom with the discovery of oil. This blessing introduced great prosperity and set the island up for decades to come. By the 80s, Bahrain's banking sector had grown exponentially, establishing itself as an esteemed 'Regional Financial Hub.'

Today there are hundreds upon hundreds of financial institutions located here – evidence that investing is highly favoured on this Island nation. The government remains committed to helping businesses set up easily and simply by allowing 100% foreign ownership in trading sectors. Still more positive proof that now truly is an ideal time to consider your next venture into magnificent Bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island nation with a thriving economy. Keenly diversified to focus on more than just oil, this forward-thinking vision has attracted the attention and investment of many international companies. And millions upon millions of tourists each year - making it one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East and beyond.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has a strategic position:

  • As a main trading gateway
  • Housing diverse cultures and economies
  • ‘The financial district of the Middle East’
  • Home to 400 banks and 140 insurance companies
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