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Sustainability is the lifeblood of Bahrain Bay. Set against the shimmering blue gulf coastline, we offer you a stunning visual representation of forward-thinking sustainability.

Technology has made our lives simpler in many ways. Imagine a world where clean water is the key to a lush and thriving ecosystem. Picture a network of greenery spreading throughout a venue, all thanks to the power of recycled water.

This innovative concept beautifies our surroundings, promotes sustainable practices, and inspires a conscious effort toward recycling. We create a greener and more habitable tomorrow, with oxygen and recycled water for future generations.

But this is only the half of it. Behind the scenes, an unseen infrastructure network makes sure that the 21st-century needs for IT facilities are met, providing precisely what’s needed to meet requirements. With built-in flexibility that’ll no doubt meet any new demands of the next few generations.


Every view is founded on a vast expanse of carefully planned structures that manage to stand tall without a hint of overcrowding or clutter. Bahrain Bay is no ordinary development; it's a space designed to flourish well into the future.

The Kingdom is known for its sweltering summers. Which is why Bahrain Bay ensures you remain comfortable year-round with the unique 'District Cooling' system. Located within, this technology provides residents with chilled water throughout their homes. To ensure a relaxed atmosphere all year round.

Because of this groundbreaking innovation, you experience calm serenity without having to bear relentless noise from surrounding air conditioners. Truly bringing you convenience, everything runs efficiently and silently. Strategically positioned substations power and maintain the District Cooling pumps with an enormous capacity for upcoming years.

Bahrain Bay strives to be more than just a beautiful environment. We aspire to create valuable opportunities by becoming a futuristic first-class venue with job prospects. Inspiring and creative sustainability drives this cutting-edge business district forward, providing you with state-of-the-art amenities. Above and beyond the traditional notions of progress and development.

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Visit Us
Bahrain Bay Development WLLPO Box 5092
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain 

Unit 6, Bldg 1144 Road 4617, Area 346
Manama Seafront
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Contact info
+ 973 17 50 5555


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