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Bahrain Bay is a modern metropolis unlike any other. Magnificent structures linked by sophisticated highways create an awe-inspiring sight across turquoise waters. This utopian city offers luxury living with practical accessibility. With a huge focus on sustainability – for the benefit of today's citizens as well as generations to come.

Developed with a unique vision – to create a futuristic and artful destination where you can live, work and entertain. Thoughtful planning ensures flexible amenities for the community, while staying aesthetically charming by blending perfectly into the surrounding cityscape. This carefully crafted project is now seen as the heart of Manama in activity and artistry.

Bahrain Bay is more than just stunning views. The visionary location promises fantastic experiences that capture your heart and stay in your memory forever.

Visit Us
Visit Us
Bahrain Bay Development WLLPO Box 5092
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain 

Unit 6, Bldg 1144 Road 4617, Area 346
Manama Seafront
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Contact info
+ 973 17 50 5555


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